Sarah Swan specialises in yoga therapy to support you as you seek to maintain or improve your health and wellbeing in a balanced and harmonious way.  Yoga is holistic, grounded in the ancient philosophy and wisdom of classical yoga and supported by medical science.  Open your life to a range of body and mind practices to help you live a more grounded and mindful life, safe in the knowledge that everything is tailored to suit you. 

A mindful approach using body and mind practices can support your wellbeing and enhance your life.  If you’re living with health issues and looking for some additional help, you can combine therapeutic yoga with conventional medical treatment to help you live your life in a more grounded and present way.

In addition, Sarah also offers regular yoga and meditation classes as well as deep relaxation, otherwise known as yoga nidra.

If you’re reading this, you may already have some knowledge of yoga, but, if you’re new to this holistic approach, you may be wondering why yoga can be so helpful.

Yoga is holistic and supports the whole of your being.  Yoga helps to maintain and improve good physical health, keep your body mobile and  flexible, stable and balanced, while supporting all the systems in the body.   The management of chronic health issues is often helped by the benefits of therapeutic yoga.

It is not just your physical wellbeing that benefits.   Yoga is great for managing stress, such a huge problem these days which underlies much ill health.  Yoga is also proven to help support your mental and emotional wellbeing and  yoga therapy is helpful in the management of mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression.

Yoga teaches you how to relax, to feel grounded and stay present.   Yoga fosters inner calm leading to increased emotional resilience and mental flexibility, enabling you to concentrate better and embrace the challenges in your daily life.  Yoga promotes self-awareness and inner connection,  so you’re likely to listen to and trust your inner wisdom.  As the chattering mind begins to quieten, you discover peace and  stillness lie within, while rediscovering the joy in your life.

One final thing, please let go of any preconceptions you may have about the word “yoga” and any ideas of twisting your body into difficult positions.  Your body might not be as flexible as you would like or once were, but you can still open your mind and benefit from a different approach.  This is yoga for YOU as YOU ARE: to meet you where you are and help support your wellbeing in a holistic way.

What’s so great is that there is no need to have any experience of yoga  to benefit, so why not open your mind to a holistic approach? To find out more and discuss your requirements,  please get in touch with Sarah via email at or call on 07867 504539.