Sarah Swan is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher.  She is also a Yoga Therapist who specialises in using yoga to empower you towards health and wellbeing through the application of teaching and the practices of yoga.

Sarah offers yoga teaching with a focus on physical and mental relaxation and meditation to promote wellbeing and emotional resilience as antidotes to the many forms of stress prevalent in daily living.  She promotes a mindful approach to life and her yoga teaching and therapeutic yoga are grounded in the ancient philosophy and wisdom of classical yoga supported by modern science.

Yoga is holistic, not just a physical practice, so, whilst you may find physical benefits, yoga supports the whole of your being – body, mind and spirit. Yoga promotes health and wellbeing in a balanced and harmonious way as it encourages you to listen to your body, calm your mind, tap into your intuitive wisdom and re-connect with your inner being, accessing your inner peace and harmony.

Yoga encourages mental and emotional resilience. When you are calmer and more balanced – in other words more resilient emotionally – you may find yourself dealing more easily with the challenges of daily living.

Yoga can also help bring back the joy to your life: connecting with your inner being and being your true authentic self.

To find out more and discuss your requirements,  please email Sarah at or call on 07867 504539.