As a Yoga Therapist, Sarah Swan specialises in using yoga therapeutically to empower you towards health and wellbeing in a balanced and harmonious way.  Sarah promotes a mindful approach to life and her therapeutic yoga is grounded in the ancient philosophy and wisdom of classical yoga supported by modern science.  Working one-to-one, Sarah tailor yoga’s practices to suit individual requirements, which means yoga’s many benefits can be accessible to all.

As a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Sarah also offers yoga, relaxation and meditation classes, in groups or one-to-one, in a variety of settings including the workplace.

Sarah has been working online via Zoom with clients through the Covid-19 lockdown and is continuing to do so.  In addition, she is also working in a healthcare environment as part of the healthcare programme at a psychiatric clinic in Windsor.

Whoever you are and whatever you do, when you release physical tension and mental stress  and whatever else you are carrying around, it is easier to relax and feel more grounded, present and calm..   Feeling calm and more emotionally resilient, you are likely to find yourself dealing more easily with the challenges of daily living. and, from this more present, grounded place, you can tap into your intuitive wisdom and the insights this can bring.   Yoga also re-connects you with your inner being, the peace and stillness that lies within, that so often is hidden by the constant chattering of the conscious mind, which yoga seeks to quieten to bring you back to your true authentic self.

To find out more,  please get in touch with Sarah via email at or call on 07867 504539.