yoga teaches acceptance – let it be your teacher

Yoga teaches us many things, including acceptance. Acceptance of how our body feels and will move on any particular day, but also to be aware of and accept our feelings and emotions, perhaps something many of us find hard to do.


Acceptance can be on many levels. I don’t know about you, but I find life generally brings many surprises, some I like and some I don’t. Yoga has helped me to understand that, in letting go of my expectations, I find my inner strength and ability to face the little and large challenges that our daily life can bring. In setting expectations, I feel we can set ourselves up to fail and, frankly, who wants that? 

Being more mindful and present in our life means being in touch with what is really happening around us. When that happens, we can more fully participate or simply be there in the moment, whatever is right for us as the individual we are.


What prompted this bit of yogic sharing?


My lovely yoga classes yesterday with the HTA and the UCEM which I enjoyed very much. Two new people joined one class and the other group was smaller than usual because of holidays. Good and not so good you might say!  Letting go of my expectations over numbers and thoughts about how well my teaching style was received, the day was, for me, a very positive experience! I am no mind reader and I hope my newbies will join me next week. Unbeknownst to them, they have held a mirror up to me on my teaching which is always a good thing. And my smaller group yesterday? I was able to tailor even more what we practised to those who were there and offer some suggestions for home practice, skills I am working on as my yoga therapy training continues.

So, if you think being accepting is passive, I invite you to reconsider that acceptance is a great teacher.

Love & light,
Sarah x

© Sarah Swan (14 March 2018)