at Christmas time, receive the gift of the present! 


The cold weather and the snow and ice of the last week may intensify the darkness and dreariness of the short days.  However, the shortest day of the year beckons next week which means that the days will again slowly start to lengthen.  Good news!

However tempting it may be to look forward to the prospect of longer, warmer days, I think it’s important to stay grounded in the present and make the most of each and every day as it comes.   Dwelling on the past is not helpful when we only focus on past regrets and losses.  We cannot change what has happened.  Likewise, constantly looking forward to tomorrow and what the future will bring means we fail to experience what the present has to offer us

At Christmas we often give gifts to those we love, so perhaps now is a good time to remember the biggest gift of all.  The clue is in the word: the PRESENT.  Let’s enjoy and make the most of today.   What we do now will influence where we go next, but it is the only moment we really have!  The past is gone, the future is always the future, but the present is here and it is now.

In being fully engaged in the present, we can make the most of today, by enjoying it as much as possible, although, of course, also realising that, if the present has brought us something we’d prefer not to have, perhaps we are being offered a lesson we perhaps need rather than want!

Yoga helps me stay grounded and allows me to access my inner calm.  We all have it, but often we just don’t know how to find it!  I’m no different from anyone else in wanting to have some balance and harmony in my everyday life.  If you practise yoga, you’ll already know that, in between all the rushing around with last minute preparations for the Christmas break, now is definitely the time when you need your yoga practice the most!

It really is a great idea to find some time for your body and mind to let go of the stresses and tensions you are carrying around with you on a daily basis.  In relaxing and releasing, we can find that inner calm which helps us cope better with the challenges life throws at us and we are also in a better place physically and mentally to enjoy what is happening in our lives, the gift of the present.  If yoga isn’t yet part of your routine, I invite you to change your life for the better by bringing yoga into your life.

I wish you much joy for the festive season and good health, peace and happiness in the coming year.   Namaste.


© Sarah Swan (16 December 2017)