autumn gold

Today has been a fabulous, golden autumnal day.   It started with a frost and became a cold, bright and shining golden day, a joy to behold!  I’ve been out around “our” lake again just taking in the air, the sky, the sun, listening to the sounds of the ducks, watching the swans as they effortlessly float on the water occasionally submerging their long necks in search of food.  The playful squirrels were in abundance, chasing up and down trees, jumping through piles of leaves, not stopping for a second!   The air was crisp and cold, the sun bright and the sky blue.  There were carpets of golden leaves and beautiful views across the water.  Yes, I could hear the trains and the traffic, but, in the time I was walking, it felt like I was in another world.   Whenever I go there, I always come back feeling refreshed, revitalised and more centred.   This was truly nature on one of its most beautiful days.    Autumn gold!

Today the changing of the seasons was clear for all to see.  The growth of spring, which turned into summer’s maturity, is now waning as the leaves turn gold and red before falling to the earth, before they rot and decay, so the natural world can rest over the winter before the inevitable regeneration in the new spring.  The clocks have gone back and some of us are struggling to come to terms with the dark evenings and soon the darker mornings.   But this is the cycle of the natural world and the cycle of life.

We spend much of our lives working to buy the things we need to live and things we want to make us happy and it can be easy to forget that there is true “gold” already out there just waiting for us to enjoy!  Most of us need to work, but I would suggest that we can all find a few minutes for ourselves, first thing in the morning, perhaps at lunchtime or at another time somewhere in our day., however busy we are!  If you’re attached to technology most of the time, how much time do you spend looking at Facebook or Twitter account every day?  Could you perhaps give up a few of those minutes to enjoy what our beautiful has to offer you?

So what will “autumn gold” buy you?  Fresh air and some exercise  to improve your breathing and your physical health.  It will also improve your mental and emotional wellbeing too.  Being disconnected from all our rushing around gives us some time to re-connect with our own inner self.  For some, this may be difficult, but, if we persevere, we soon reap the benefits of some inner peace and quiet.

Practising yoga is also very similar in the rewards and benefits it brings us!  Yoga is an antidote to modern living and brings improvements in our physical wellbeing, our mental and emotional health as well as a meditative and spiritual aspect to our life.  What we learn on our mats, we incorporate in our lives off the mat.   We learn to be more mind, to live in the present and value each and every moment our life brings.

Today’s “autumn gold” has brought me much joy!  May you find yours too on a regular basis.  If you’d like to know more about how yoga can help you,  please get in touch.


© Sarah Swan (6 November 2017)