let yoga help you feel grounded and strong, tall and light

I teach a weekly lunchtime yoga class for employees at the Horticultural Trades Association who are based at Chilton.  If you’re interested in seeing why they benefit, have a look here.   I took this picture of these beautiful tall trees in their grounds. What a lovely setting it is!

We can do worse than emulate a tree in our yoga practice, with firm roots and a strong foundation in life, so that we can grow up tall (or as tall as we’re meant to be!) and strong, looking for the light like the trees do.  Like a tree in this wood, we’re all different, but we all have our special place in this journey of life.  What we learn on our yoga mats we can take with us into our journey as we live and grow.

I’m starting my Thursday evening yoga class at Twyford Youth Centre again on 7th September at 7.15 pm:  If you’re interested in coming along, please contact me. If you can’t make a Thursday evening, then do contact me to discuss a private class or to talk to me about running a yoga class in your workplace.


© Sarah Swan (24 August 2017)