being present in the only moment we really have


In modern life, we often talk about the ability to multi-task, but I’m sure many of us have got this skill honed to a fine art. We juggle a whole range of different tasks, but then can end up feeling stressed and frazzled inside!

medium lotus

When we practise yoga, we focus on our breathing to bring together and calm what is happening in our body and in our mind. By focusing on the present, we can become aware of how we really feel and what we are really experiencing.

medium lotus

We can begin to let go of that little voice in our heads that is constantly telling us what to do and not do, that spins elaborate stories about what may happen and creates fears in our minds. Many of these internal dialogues are really without proper substance and, if we can turn down the volume on the little voice, we can perhaps listen to our own internal truths and find the strength to do what we want and need to do in our lives.

medium lotus

The past has gone and we cannot change it and the future is always a moment away. Yoga takes us into the present moment, the only place where life exists.


©  Sarah Swan (March 2015)

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