cat yoga – the calm after the storm


It seems a large part of the country was battered by the spectacular late summer storms last Thursday night and there was tension too here in our house!  Yoginis, Mrs T and Mrs S, struggled to cope with the thunder and lightning caused by the lingering storm and the noise of giant hail raining down against the roof and windows sent them running for cover!  Mrs S retreated under the bed and I had to coax Mrs T out from her refuge behind the washing machine! 

Whilst they are practising yoga cats, I feel they may offer a life lesson to us all.  Like us humans, they are also delicate and fragile beings, seeking, through their yoga practice, to find inner peace and harmony as they navigate the passing storms (and, in his instance, literally!) of life.

When the storm faded, Mrs T and Mrs S once again regained their outward composure and, hopefully too, their inner balance.  I like to think that perhaps they came to realise that their anxieties about the storm (they were safe and sound in the house the whole time) were created from within and also to understand that all things in life come to pass. 


© Sarah Swan (September 2016)

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