cat yoga – meditation with the “black pear”!


We have met Roger before!  He’s a keen yoga cat and, last time, we saw him working on his relaxation techniques.  (If you didn’t catch the last post, you might like to take a look at the link.)  In his spare time, his interests include cookery and horticulture.  He’s an intelligent and independent feline, who knows his own mind.

As you will see from the latest photo, his love of food has recently helped him to increase quite considerably the size of his waistline.   His canine companion, Malo, had taken a dislike to some rather expensive, organic dog food and, as Roger doesn’t like to see good food go to waste, he had been helping himself when no one was looking!  Or so he thought.  It seems his penchant for dog biscuits has been discovered as suspicion was aroused by his rapidly expanding waist.  As you will see from his shape and size, he has newly-acquired the nickname, “the black pear”!!

The acquisition of a new breadmaker has provided another source of keen interest to Roger.  It allows him to assist in the home as, like all cats, he likes to be involved in everything.  (If you do not share your life with a cat, this means the cat has to be the centre of attention and is always in the way!)    The breadmaker is also helping Rogerin his passion for ornithology, by providing him with a wonderful, new and elevated vantage point in the kitchen!

You might, by now, be wondering what this has to do with yoga.  As a keen yoga cat, Roger appreciates well  the benefits of being still.  In relaxing his body, he is calming his mind, letting go of all those busy thoughts that go round in the brain.  In balancing his body and his mind, he is creating access to peace and harmony,  allowing himself to concentrate and meditate.  Patanjali, the ancient teacher, explains in theYoga Sutras,, the eightfold path of yoga,  that we need to calm the body through physical yoga practice, use the breath, detach ourselves from the material world and master our senses, so that we can concentrate, practise meditation (Dhyana) and achieve the goal of yoga, bliss (Samadhi). .   

Those of you who are acquainted with Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras will have already realised that Roger has missed out on first step on his path to bliss!  There are some observances Patanjali advises us to follow, such as doing no harm (perhaps the bird watching may be OK as long as it only remains as watching!!) and not stealing (the dog food consumption sounds a bit dodgy perhaps!!).

However, as a yogi, it is not my place to point the finger and, as a clever yoga cat himself, Roger is possibly already aware that perhaps his behaviour is not all it should be.   Being optimistic, I am hopeful that his contemplations from  the top of the breadmaker are deep soul searchings, allowing his heart to open, his true spirit to emerge to be the big and special cat that he already is!

With grateful thanks to Roger’s family for again allowing me to share him with you.


© Sarah Swan (25 February 2017)

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