cat yoga: Mrs S – a light in my heart

If you have followed my musings about the antics of my yoga kitties over the last few years, I am sorry to have to tell you that we have had to say goodbye to our beloved and beautiful Mrs S earlier in the summer.  She shared her life with us for over twelve and half years after she arrived here as a rescue cat along with her sister, Mrs T.

She was the quiet, unassuming kitty, gentle and kind, often subjected to the bullying behaviour of her often not-so-yogic companion, Mrs T. We know little of their background before they came to us, but Mrs S spent the first two years with us living under our spare bed emerging only to eat, drink and complete her toilette! To my delight one night, she jumped on our bed and has since then been a constant companion, particularly in the evenings wanting to sit on my lap and then lie by my feet. She remained a shy and somewhat anxious lady, although was quietly friendly to everyone, always keen to investigate the bags of visiting friends and relatives.

Along with her sister, Mrs S became an accomplished cat yogini and she had a fondness in particular for relaxation and yoga nidra.

With us, Mrs S lived a happy and contented life and was a much loved friend and companion. She too returned our affection in great measure and is very much missed. So, despite my sadness that she has gone where all kitties must inevitably go, I am thankful that she lived with us for so long and she will remain with me, a light in my heart.

© Sarah Swan (21 August 2017)