cat yoga – Mrs T and the inner teacher

While her Mum was preparing for today’s classes at Piggott Nuffield Health and Deloitte, yoga cat, Mrs T, was engaged in continuing her yoga practice, using Swan Yoga lesson plan notes as her drishti or focus. Her physical practice these days is less strenuous, as she’s a senior cat these days with health issues that are carefully monitored, but, when the mood takes her, she find her space, stretches out and moves her body into various yoga asanas (postures).  Today’s practice saw her settling herself into Sphinx.

However, this first photo shows Mrs T as the self-centred diva that she can be, playing to the camera!  Where was the feline yogini?

After that, she settled down to her practice and the photos below show her meditative posture as she lengthened her neck and spine, finding her internal focus.  The fact that her tail didn’t join in by lengthening is perhaps a reflection of her advancing years!  Nonetheless, she still seems to take her yoga seriously, as she then practiced a rotation of the head, first to her right and then to her left, pondering perhaps the secrets of her inner Self.


As she listens to her inner teacher at what is a particularly hectic time of year in the build up to Christmas, perhaps Mrs T can also encourage some of you to find some stillness in your lives.   If you’re already feeling stressed by the festive season’s preparations or work is contributing to your tension, please get in touch with Mrs T’s Mum who can take her yoga bag to you at home and help you find that inner calm, bringing balance and harmony back to your everyday life.


© Sarah Swan (6 December 2017)