cat yoga – Mrs T and the secret sphinx


My lovely yoga cats, Mrs T and Mrs S, have been continuing their practice and Mrs T has allowed me to photograph her Sphinx posture especially for your delight.

Mrs T starts her contemplation of her inner secrets in the age old pose of Sphinx (Bhujangasana 2)) with her head to the centre, paws outstretched, feeling the energy or prana move through her body.  Then, in co-ordination with her breath, she turns her head first to her right and then to her left. (Please see footnote).

By focusing her body and breathing into the posture, Mrs T is allowing her mind to go quiet, to access a level of peace and harmony in her day.  She tells me that the benefits of yoga apply not only to her human companions, but also to cats!

(For the cynical amongst you, I’m happy to confirm that these photos are genuine and the right and left turns are not reversed photos!)


© Sarah Swan (November 2016)

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