cat yoga: Mrs T returns to her yoga practice

If you have read my cat yoga: Mrs S – a light in my heart  post, you will understand there has been a big change in the feline world in my home.  Mrs T has been grieving the loss of her sister, Mrs S, in the early part of the summer and there has been a lot of yowling and wailing as she has been coming to terms with her loss.  After a bereavement, especially one so close, our world changes in ways we could not previously contemplate.  Her yoga practice stopped almost overnight as she struggled to come to terms with what was going on in her life.

However, on a recent rare sunny day in the garden, it seems that yoga cat, Mrs T, has been making the most of the present, again connecting with her breath, calming her body and mind. As a senior lady, her asana practice (that’s her physical posture practice) is more limited these days than it used to be and this is her take on a lying down triangle twist!  Please note her outstretched left front paw.   However, her pranayama practice now appears again to be keen and she’s clearly feeling the prana flow around her body.

Since then, I’m pleased to tell you that life seems to be returning to a new degree of normality.  The yowling and wailing has lessened and, as you will see above, it seems that she has taken the opportunity to avail herself of the green sheepskin as a yoga mat to practice her Secret Sphinx before she retires for the night. Whilst her postural alignment may not be exact, her intention is positive and that is something that all yogis and yoginis can take to heart in our own practice.

So it seems that, once more, our feline yogini, Mrs T, has seemingly returned to her yoga practice and is, once more, seeking her connection with her inner Self.  May she provide inspiration for all yogis and yoginis, feline, bereaved or otherwise.

May your yoga practice bring you stillness and intuitive Self knowledge.


© Sarah Swan (24 August 2017)