cat yoga – Roger works on his relaxation techniques


I am pleased to introduce you to Roger, pictured here as he relaxes at his home in South Wales.  He is keen to experience the benefits of yoga, to calm the body and mind and to bring a little peace and harmony into his life.

Black and white and full of energy, Roger lives with his family and his canine friend, Malo, the whippet.  Both Malo and Roger are delightful company.  However, it is fortunate that Malo is calm and placid by nature, as Roger is definitely the dominant four-legged influence in his household, as you will gather from the pictures below.  He definitely has plenty of “cattitude” and his exploits are legendary.

Roger’s all night disappearances leave his family waiting with concern for his arrival home.  When younger, he was well known to have a penchant for removing and consuming packed lunches from bags and any other places that had not been secured, so perhaps this earlier fixation on food may possibly be at the root of his current interest in cooking, as he oversees the preparation of fresh soup for supper.  He is also a horticulturalist in his spare time!

Looking at his yoga practice, we can see that Roger is working on his ability to relax his body, allowing his front legs and paws to stretch and feel the energy within,  His eyes are closed, perhaps not in sleep, but rather in meditation.  Who knows what goes through his mind, but may be he is considering the implications of his misdemeanours?


© Sarah Swan (December 2016)

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