cat yoga – Tigger and Dizzy practise partner yoga


I’d like to introduce you to my first “guest” cat yogis:

Tigger and Dizzy

Tigger is the beautiful ginger on the left and Dizzy (as in Dizzy Rascal) is the handsome cat on the right.    Sadly, Tigger‘s brother, Anakin, passed away at the start of this year and it seems that Tigger and Dizzy have developed a strong bond.

As you will see both, Tigger and Dizzy have clearly mastered the art of relaxation. They are also well-practised in the art of stretching, demonstrating gentle backbends as they recline in a mirror image posture, with their opposite front paws outstretched.

In mirroring each other’s posture, they appear to be deeply in tune with each other, as the base of their spines touch, but also definite and separate individuals as they extend their paws and reach out for their individual journeys through life.

My thanks go to Joe for sharing with us his talented cat yogis, Tigger and Dizzy.  If any of you have any clever yoga cats in your midst, I’d love to hear from you


© Sarah Swan (October 2016)

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