cat yoga

Whilst my yoga focus is dedicated and professional, it also brings me joy.  This light-hearted look at cats and yoga is a manifestation of that enjoyment which is why it sits here along the other more serious aspects of yoga.

As well as being passionate about yoga, I am also passionate about cats and am lucky to have enjoyed the company of two wonder felines, who arrived here, already named, from a cat rescue a number of years ago.  Sadly, as inevitably happens, we had to say “goodbye” to Mrs S some time ago.  Mrs T is now a senior citizen, but still manages some stretching, but in a less vigorous way, and her speciality is definitely relaxation.  I leave this page active as a memory to one of my beloved feline friends and with gratitude to the continuing friendship of the other!

My Yoga cats!

Everyone who shares their life with a cat will understand the sentiment that “dogs have owners and cats have staff”.  One of my roles in life is to act as butler, tending to the every need of Mrs T and Mrs S!


One is the very talented Mrs T, otherwise known as Tigger, a beautiful and exceedingly intelligent tabby, and the equally adorable Mrs S, answering to the name of Scruffy, although she is far from that, but rather a complicated, delicate and shy tortoiseshell.

By way of background, Mrs T was, in her younger days, something of a bully towards her feline neighbours, but, as a senior cat, she has mellowed and spends most of her time at home, although, occasionally, still displays egotistical tendencies, particularly in her behaviour towards her sister, Mrs S.  After such moments, she is given to periods of contemplation and meditation as she comes to terms with this side of her nature.


Mrs S, on the other hand, is much more shy.  She spent the first two years with us under our spare bed (her choice, not ours).  Since then, she has come out of her shell, although still remains a shy lady, but with a keen interest in life and all visitors.  Being lighter in frame , she is more nimble than her sister, and is prone to occasional bursts of wild energy, giving the impression that a herd of elephants is resident in the house, not one shy kitty!


As my yoga journey has progressed, Mrs T and Mrs S have also developed their yoga practice and are now accomplished yoginis in their own right, although, I have to say, Mrs T is by far the most dedicated practitioner.  Her backbends, Sphinx and twists are legendary.  Mrs S takes a more relaxed approach, stretching and lengthening!

If YOU are not yet into yoga or cats, let me say this is a light-hearted and humorous look at the life and yoga of Mrs T and Mrs S and is not to be taken too seriously!  Their yoga antics have provided me with endless amusement and entertainment, so I will be sharing with you some of their yoga practice in Yoga Thoughts  from time to time.  Like most felines, they have perfected the art of relaxation, a much needed skill in our world today, and here they are with their friends taking some time out!


I feel sure that Mrs T and Mrs S are not the only cats to practise yoga.

If you have any yoga cats near you, I’d love to hear all about them.  If you’d like to send me your photos and some details about their yoga practice, I’d be happy to feature them as “guest” feline yogis or yoginis from time to time in my future posts.   

And to you and all cat yogis near you… Namaste.