antidote to modern living

Do you ever feel that you are stuck in the mud? Literally perhaps, with your boots caught up in the mud around you and not knowing which direction to go next as there’s so much muck and dirt around you.  You want to be stable, but the ground beneath you […]

stuck in the mud?

Today research findings provide anther reason to support the value of practising yoga.  Please read on. Yoga can improve your life. If you’re lucky to be healthy, happy and calm, yoga helps maintain our wellbeing. If our health and wellbeing isn’t where we’d like it to be, yoga is proven […]

yoga to keep calm as new research links brain activity, ...

                    Would you believe that I’ve just taken these photos on the last day of November?  If it wasn’t for the lack of leaves on the trees, it would be easy to believe, with such blue sky and brilliant sunlight, that this is […]

the joy of a winter’s day

                          I had an amazing day on Saturday, 22 October, at the OM Yoga Show at Alexandra Palace.  I was asked by my yoga school, Friends of Yoga, to teach a Warrior Open Class, whose focus was a “gentle exploration of bends and heart opening”.   Such a lovely theme […]

teaching yoga at the OM Yoga Show at Alexandra Palace

  Many of us hold onto things. We keep clothes that no longer fit, belongings we have outgrown, we retain relationships we have moved on from and we retain thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us. We keep things for all kinds of reasons: for when we lose weight, […]

holding on and letting go

Life is all about change. Some of us love change, others hate it, but we all have to cope with the continuing ebb and flow of life. Much has been written about change and strategies for coping, but, whoever you are and wherever you live, there’s no doubt that, at […]

living in a changing world

There have been a few interesting articles in the press in the last couple of weeks about yoga and its benefits, which, for the sceptical amongst us, are linked to scientific research. I often hear people say, “I couldn’t possibly do yoga, I’m not flexible enough” or “It’s for young bendy […]

silver yogis and Alzheimer’s

In Hatha yoga, we practise postures (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama). If you practise regularly, you may be familiar with the balance, Tree (Vrksasana), so I’d like to offer some advice from a tree… stand tall and proud go out on a limb remember your roots drink plenty of water […]

advice from a tree

Yoga, the teacher. I may teach yoga, but it’s also important to continue to my own practice.  Over time, I have thought a great deal about what a good teacher is, not just for yoga, but in life in general. We are all on this journey called life, and, when […]

you and yoga – the greatest teacher

Laughter is stronger than the lungs with which we create it, which perhaps teaches us that we can become something greater than our hands, our voice, our smile, no matter how wonderful they all are. We can become something much more, bigger than the sum of our parts. If we […]

we are bigger than the entire sum of our parts