cat yoga

Cats in yoga postures

While her Mum was preparing for today’s classes at Piggott Nuffield Health and Deloitte, yoga cat, Mrs T, was engaged in continuing her yoga practice, using Swan Yoga lesson plan notes as her drishti or focus. Her physical practice these days is less strenuous, as she’s a senior cat these days […]

cat yoga – Mrs T and the inner teacher

If you have read my cat yoga: Mrs S – a light in my heart  post, you will understand there has been a big change in the feline world in my home.  Mrs T has been grieving the loss of her sister, Mrs S, in the early part of the summer and […]

cat yoga: Mrs T returns to her yoga practice

If you have followed my musings about the antics of my yoga kitties over the last few years, I am sorry to have to tell you that we have had to say goodbye to our beloved and beautiful Mrs S earlier in the summer.  She shared her life with us for over […]

cat yoga: Mrs S – a light in my heart

  We have met Roger before!  He’s a keen yoga cat and, last time, we saw him working on his relaxation techniques.  (If you didn’t catch the last post, you might like to take a look at the link.)  In his spare time, his interests include cookery and horticulture.  He’s an intelligent and independent feline, who knows his […]

cat yoga – meditation with the “black pear”!

                    I am pleased to introduce you to Roger, pictured here as he relaxes at his home in South Wales.  He is keen to experience the benefits of yoga, to calm the body and mind and to bring a little peace and harmony into his life. Black and white […]

cat yoga – Roger works on his relaxation techniques

                                                 My lovely yoga cats, Mrs T and Mrs S, have been continuing their practice and Mrs T has allowed me to photograph her Sphinx posture especially for your delight. Mrs T starts her contemplation of her inner secrets in the age old pose of Sphinx (Bhujangasana 2)) with her head to the […]

cat yoga – Mrs T and the secret sphinx

  I’d like to introduce you to my first “guest” cat yogis: Tigger and Dizzy Tigger is the beautiful ginger on the left and Dizzy (as in Dizzy Rascal) is the handsome cat on the right.    Sadly, Tigger‘s brother, Anakin, passed away at the start of this year and it seems that Tigger […]

cat yoga – Tigger and Dizzy practise partner yoga

  It seems a large part of the country was battered by the spectacular late summer storms last Thursday night and there was tension too here in our house!  Yoginis, Mrs T and Mrs S, struggled to cope with the thunder and lightning caused by the lingering storm and the noise of giant […]

cat yoga – the calm after the storm

It’s been 30 degrees centigrade today!  By any standards this is hot and indeed it’s something of a record for September.  Like all of us, yoga kitties, Mrs T and Mrs S, are feeling the heat. When you have a fur coat and an aversion to water, what is the solution […]

cat yoga – remaining cool in the heat