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About achieving peace and harmony through yoga

The BBC News website is running a link today, 15 January 2017, showing how yoga is helping prisoners tackle stress at Pollsmoor, one of the most notorious prisons in South Africa, where Nelson Mandela was at one time incarcerated. Yoga brings many benefits to the individual and, under the Prison […]

yoga classes helping prisoners in South Africa

Today research findings provide anther reason to support the value of practising yoga.  Please read on. Yoga can improve your life. If you’re lucky to be healthy, happy and calm, yoga helps maintain our wellbeing. If our health and wellbeing isn’t where we’d like it to be, yoga is proven […]

yoga to keep calm as new research links brain activity, ...

Many, or perhaps most of, us celebrate New Year’s Eve and say goodbye to the year we are leaving and welcome in the New Year.    Some of us love it, whilst others hate it.  On one level, it is but the passing of one day for another, as night inevitably […]

yoga and the new year – what’s your intention?

We’re fast approaching Christmas and the period of festivities to follow and, depending on how things are going in your world, you may be enjoying a sense of anticipation and excitement, stress at the prospect of how you’re going to get through it all or perhaps complete ambivalence towards the […]

you, yoga, the shortest day and the spirit of Christmas

                    I am pleased to introduce you to Roger, pictured here as he relaxes at his home in South Wales.  He is keen to experience the benefits of yoga, to calm the body and mind and to bring a little peace and harmony into his life. Black and white […]

cat yoga – Roger works on his relaxation techniques

                    Would you believe that I’ve just taken these photos on the last day of November?  If it wasn’t for the lack of leaves on the trees, it would be easy to believe, with such blue sky and brilliant sunlight, that this is […]

the joy of a winter’s day

  I share this with you as I rather liked it and it resonates with me. The following words are from Gladys Taber (1899–1980), who apparently was an American author of 59 books and columnist for Ladies Home Journal and Family Circle. We need time to dream, time to remember and time […]

time to dream, time to remember and time to be

  Autumn afternoon sunshine at the weir pool near my home! The water here always flows fast whatever the weather, which is rather like the flow of life. On a day such as this with brilliant sunshine, it is easy to feel the joy of life!  As we all know, […]

the flow of life

  It seems a large part of the country was battered by the spectacular late summer storms last Thursday night and there was tension too here in our house!  Yoginis, Mrs T and Mrs S, struggled to cope with the thunder and lightning caused by the lingering storm and the noise of giant […]

cat yoga – the calm after the storm

There have been a few interesting articles in the press in the last couple of weeks about yoga and its benefits, which, for the sceptical amongst us, are linked to scientific research. I often hear people say, “I couldn’t possibly do yoga, I’m not flexible enough” or “It’s for young bendy […]

silver yogis and Alzheimer’s