If you follow what I write, you’ll have seen this picture before and then I linked St Valentine’s day and yoga.  A red heart in that context can been seen a symbol of romantic love.   In reality, this red heart actually hangs on a wall in our home and I’ve decided to use the picture again […]

the head or the heart?

  How do you make your decisions?   You may consider yourself a decisive person making quick, snap decisions.  Or perhaps you like to take your time and weigh up the options available to you,  Or you may want to “sleep” on it, so you feel really comfortable with the decision you’re in the process of making.   Perhaps you worry about things and […]

how do you decide? yoga can help you

  Today, in the beautiful sunshine, spring is truly here.  From  the colour of the sky and the water, we might even think summer has arrived.  It is the budding of the trees and the cool  breeze that reminds us of the season. Spring is a time of growth and renewal,  when […]

renew and seize the moment – you too can practise ...

  A very beautiful spring afternoon.  16 degrees here in Berkshire! The blue open sky reminds usof the opportunity to open and stretch the body.  A strong breeze and fresh air, which reminds us of the need to breathe well.  Being out in the natural world allows us to connect […]

spring is here – open your body and mind

  We have met Roger before!  He’s a keen yoga cat and, last time, we saw him working on his relaxation techniques.  (If you didn’t catch the last post, you might like to take a look at the link.)  In his spare time, his interests include cookery and horticulture.  He’s an intelligent and independent feline, who knows his […]

cat yoga – meditation with the “black pear”!

Do you ever feel that you are stuck in the mud? Literally perhaps, with your boots caught up in the mud around you and not knowing which direction to go next as there’s so much muck and dirt around you.  You want to be stable, but the ground beneath you […]

stuck in the mud?

  If you have someone special with whom you’re planning to celebrate St Valentine’s Day this week, I hope you enjoy your celebrations.  There are many – some by choice, others because of the way life is – who may not have that special someone or perhaps choose not to participate […]

my valentine’s gift to you

Well, it’s been a good yoga week so far for me and also for Yogini Cat, Mrs T. My HTA yogis had a good stretch and blew away a few mental cobwebs and seemed to go back to their desks more relaxed than when they arrived! I covered a class […]

a good yoga week and a new beginning at the ...

It’s now exactly a month since Christmas!  How time passes!   I’m sure many of us are now stuck back into work and our everyday lives, with lots to do (possibly too much?) and just focusing on what we think we need to do.   So, I’d like to offer you a […]

turning down the volume and hearing more

The BBC News website is running a link today, 15 January 2017, showing how yoga is helping prisoners tackle stress at Pollsmoor, one of the most notorious prisons in South Africa, where Nelson Mandela was at one time incarcerated. Yoga brings many benefits to the individual and, under the Prison […]

yoga classes helping prisoners in South Africa