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Whilst our individual states of health and wellbeing may differ, we all share one thing in common: we breathe.   You may not think about your breathing very much.  In fact, you don’t need to think about your breath at all as your nervous system controls your breathing.  However, awareness […]

the power of YOUR breath

Yoga teaches us many things, including acceptance. Acceptance of how our body feels and will move on any particular day, but also to be aware of and accept our feelings and emotions, perhaps something many of us find hard to do.   Acceptance can be on many levels. I don’t […]

yoga teaches acceptance – let it be your teacher

I teach a weekly lunchtime yoga class for employees at the Horticultural Trades Association who are based at Chilton.  If you’re interested in seeing why they benefit, have a look here.   I took this picture of these beautiful tall trees in their grounds. What a lovely setting it is! We can do […]

let yoga help you feel grounded and strong, tall and ...

Well, it’s been a good yoga week so far for me and also for Yogini Cat, Mrs T. My HTA yogis had a good stretch and blew away a few mental cobwebs and seemed to go back to their desks more relaxed than when they arrived! I covered a class […]

a good yoga week and a new beginning at the ...

  I snapped this snake charmer at work in Jaipur. Do you think this man looks stressed, anxious or depressed? I don’t know and, from outward appearances, it is impossible to tell. You are, of course, at liberty to draw your own conclusions. These days we all work in many different […]

yoga and the workplace: do employers do enough for stress, ...

  Autumn afternoon sunshine at the weir pool near my home! The water here always flows fast whatever the weather, which is rather like the flow of life. On a day such as this with brilliant sunshine, it is easy to feel the joy of life!  As we all know, […]

the flow of life