Rooted in Eastern philosophy, yoga creates the union of body, mind and spirit, to develop an awareness of self as an individual, while, at the same time, being intimately connected to the whole of creation

A very interesting experience a couple of weeks ago after my weekly lunchtime class at the Nuffield Health gym at Deloitte in Reading.  A chance conversation gave me the opportunity to use my growing yoga therapy skills to offer some help and suggestions to a lovely young man who was about […]

running a half marathon and improving our health with a ...

After a week to relax and renew in Madeira, I’m now back teaching my lovely yoga friends at my weekly classes., at the Piggott gym, at Deloitte and the UCEM, amongst others. While I was away, I was again able to share the benefits of yoga with an early morning class for my fellow hotel […]

giving back – karma yoga

My Thursday evening class has started again after the summer holidays and, as the nights are drawing in, I’ve had my candles out again so that the light for our practice is soft and conducive to a relaxing practice rather than have the harsh glare of overhead lights! It’s nearly two […]

yoga by candlelight

I teach a weekly lunchtime yoga class for employees at the Horticultural Trades Association who are based at Chilton.  If you’re interested in seeing why they benefit, have a look here.   I took this picture of these beautiful tall trees in their grounds. What a lovely setting it is! We can do […]

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Well, it’s been a good yoga week so far for me and also for Yogini Cat, Mrs T. My HTA yogis had a good stretch and blew away a few mental cobwebs and seemed to go back to their desks more relaxed than when they arrived! I covered a class […]

a good yoga week and a new beginning at the ...

It’s now exactly a month since Christmas!  How time passes!   I’m sure many of us are now stuck back into work and our everyday lives, with lots to do (possibly too much?) and just focusing on what we think we need to do.   So, I’d like to offer you a […]

turning down the volume and hearing more

The BBC News website is running a link today, 15 January 2017, showing how yoga is helping prisoners tackle stress at Pollsmoor, one of the most notorious prisons in South Africa, where Nelson Mandela was at one time incarcerated. Yoga brings many benefits to the individual and, under the Prison […]

yoga classes helping prisoners in South Africa

Today research findings provide anther reason to support the value of practising yoga.  Please read on. Yoga can improve your life. If you’re lucky to be healthy, happy and calm, yoga helps maintain our wellbeing. If our health and wellbeing isn’t where we’d like it to be, yoga is proven […]

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                          I had an amazing day on Saturday, 22 October, at the OM Yoga Show at Alexandra Palace.  I was asked by my yoga school, Friends of Yoga, to teach a Warrior Open Class, whose focus was a “gentle exploration of bends and heart opening”.   Such a lovely theme […]

teaching yoga at the OM Yoga Show at Alexandra Palace

I don’t know about you, but life is all so fast paced today and everyone seems to be in such a rush all the time. Not sure where we’re all going so quickly . The roads that we literally travel on every day are often jammed and this can make our […]

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