connect & calm (free of charge)

Sarah is currently working with clients online.

Connect & Calm – let go of your stress and find your inner calm *

Sarah is offering a short, seated practice* to help keep you grounded, connected and calm every Tuesday at 1.30 pm (for 20 minutes).  There is no charge for this.  

Connect & Calm*  is an opportunity for you to step away from the cares of your day, to let go of your worries and stresses, be present and re-connect with your inner peace and calm.

Connect & Calm* helps you manage your stress and anxieties, by promoting emotional resilience and supporting positive mental health.

Join Sarah for some simple yoga (some gentle breathing, stretching and relaxation) all done on a chair.  You can do this wherever you are, at home or at work.  All you need is a chair and a quiet space.

Connect & Calm* will help you ground and calm enabling you to re-connect with your inner being.  Accessing your inner calm and the peace it can bring means you’re  more likely to deal more easily and positively with whatever comes your way.

  • When: Tuesday at 1.30 pm for 20 minutes
  • How: Via Zoom – you download Zoom onto your device and Sarah will send you an email link to join.
  • Free of charge.

You will be on mute during the session and Sarah will offer guidance and options.  Please ensure you listen to your body and do what is appropriate for you.

If you are interested, please email

Take care and stay well.


*  Disclaimer

Whatever yoga practice you undertake, please be aware the most important thing for you is to listen to your body and work within your physical and mental limits.  If you have any health issues (and many of us do), this is particularly important.  Be mindful of how you are feeling and only do what feels right for you.

Please note that your participation at this, any class, therapeutic session or event is entirely at your own risk.  Please be mindful of any health issues or disabilities that you may have and ensure that you take these into consideration before you participate to ensure your safety and wellbeing.