Did you know…?

The pandemic continues to affect our lives and our physical and mental health, so it’s great to know that yoga can positively impact and improve your physical and mental wellbeing.   Whilst you can’t control the world around you, you can influence how you feel and deal with difficult situations, people and problems.  Yoga provides you with ways to access your inner resources in ways that support your wellbeing.  Yoga also helps you build mental and emotional resilience.    

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If you didn’t know, yoga improves posture, exercises muscles and joints, making them supple and stronger.  As well as the nervous system, yoga stimulates the function of organs, digestive and endocrine systems.  As you move your body and breathe, your energy levels can increase, maintain or improve your flexibility (both physical and mental) as well as improve your self-awareness.  This helps to ground you, keep you present and restore balance to your life, allowing you to live more easily in peace and harmony with everything around you.

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