have you set your intention for 2019?

I wish you health, peace and happiness in 2019.

Have you set any intentions for the coming year?

Intentions (or sankalpas as they’re called in yoga) are expressions of our inner will, expressed in the positive (not negative statements as resolutions so often are and which only serve to reinforce the thing we’re seeking to change).  We can change the way we think as the brain is “plastic” (check out neuroplasticity if you’re interested).  By identifying and focusing on new neural connections, we can establish new thought patterns and the old, unused patterns can fall away. Yoga and meditation can help with this.

You can set an intention at any time of the year, but the New Year brings a new focus and I encourage you to find an intention or two to enhance your wellbeing today and throughout 2019. To get you started, here are a few you may find useful.

• I listen to my body. (Our bodies talk to us all the time, so tune in to what yours is telling you.)

• I am familiar with my inner world. (Start or maintain a meditation practice to find some inner calm and peace and boost your health and wellbeing).

• I prioritise my wellbeing. (Look after yourself first, then you are better placed to help those close to you.)

• I am kind and compassionate towards myself. (This should be obvious, so let go of the harsh critic and look after yourself as you would others.)

• I experience joy in my life. (Make time to do some of the things you enjoy, even if it’s only a few minutes in your day.)

Finally, the link below is to one of my old “Yoga Thoughts” about setting intentions. Have a look…

© Sarah Swan (9 January 2019)