how do you decide? yoga can help you


How do you make your decisions?   You may consider yourself a decisive person making quick, snap decisions.  Or perhaps you like to take your time and weigh up the options available to you,  Or you may want to “sleep” on it, so you feel really comfortable with the decision you’re in the process of making.   Perhaps you worry about things and making decisions creates anxiety for you.  There are lots of way of deciding things and I suspect we may all use different methods of coming to a decision depending on how “big” we consider the choice to be.

I’ve been struggling with an issue for a while now, what to do, what might happen (or not happen), how I feel about it and the impact a decision either way will have.  Of course, assessing the impact is a difficult one, because it’s the impact that we THINK it will have and that’s not always what happens. We can work out the facts as we see them and come to a logical or objective decision, but often it’s not always that simple as there may be a lot of factors involved and often we just don’t know.

We can involve others in the decision, but, depending on what we tell or ask them, we may only be told what they want us to hear or indeed what they think we might want to hear.  Depending on how we view life (if we’re an extrovert or and introvert – if we are influenced by other people’s views or not – if we want to please people or not – if we worry or not), all these factors may come into play in making a decision. It can get very complicated.

Whilst it may be helpful to seek opinions from others, it is ultimately down to us as individuals to decide what is best for us.  Only we can know how we really feel and what is best for us. Yoga can help us with this as it develops a sense of self.

First, if you go to a yoga class, you develop better awareness of your body and how it’s feeling. Then it improves your energy levels.  Along the way, you’ll become aware that  your mind starts to quieten and your emotions become more balanced as all those thoughts that we put there begin to fall away.  Yoga at its heart is meditation and, as Patanjali told us in the Yoga Sutras, it is through meditation that we learn to control the mind and achieve self-transformation as our true nature hides itself behind the thought waves in the mind and it is those waves that we seek to still.

For the uninitiated, yoga is not just about wrapping your body into various complicated pretzel-type shapes.  It is as relevant now in our modern lives as it was when the ancient teachers in India first dispensed their wisdom thousand of years ago.  Luckily for us, it is increasingly available to all who are open to finding a way to make the most of their lives and allow their inner lights to shine in the world.    Like the beautiful blossom in the photo I took yesterday, it’s a reminder to be present and mindful, to make the most of the here and now while it is fresh, bright and new.  It’s the only moment we have, so I urge you to enjoy it while it’s here.

Finally, that decision I was pondering has now been made and, for me, right now, it works.  However, we live in a state of flux, of change, and new decisions can be made when the time is right.  That is another story and yoga can help with that too!


© Sarah Swan (24 April 2017)

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