I am the one and only – Chesney Hawkes and yoga

“I am the one and only”

In the summer of 2015, I was in the car and dear old Sir Terry Wogan, whose light still shines bright in our hearts,was talking to Chesney Hawkes   This inspired me to write about Chesney and yoga.

If you’re old enough to remember back to 1991 Chesney Hawkes had a huge hit with the song, “The One and Only”.    However, you may be wondering what on earth this has to do with yoga?

Well, if you listen to the lyrics, the chorus that Chesney belts out goes like this …

“I am the only and only, Nobody I’d rather be, I am the one and only, You can’t take that away from me.”

Which brings me straight back to yoga.

We practise yoga – in whatever manner suits us best…

For many of us in the West, that’s often Hatha yoga (where we focus on the body through the postures and breathing to balance the opposing male and female energies in the body as a means to become more aware and focus in on ourselves).

In doing this, we can become aware of our own uniqueness, that specialness that makes us who we are as individuals.

In recognising our own uniqueness, we can be who we truly are and allow our light to shine brightly in the world.   We all get very caught up being busy in our daily lives, so I think it’s fascinating to find, in all manner of different situations reminders, as well as the inspiration, to remember who we really are.

And, in case you forget, yoga can help you to remember that you truly are

“the only and only”!


©  Sarah Swan  (August 2015)

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