me and the Taj Mahal



Some of you will remember the late Princess Diana having her picture taken alone in front of the Taj Mahal and the media at the time left us all in no doubt as to the significance of her visit. If you don’t remember that, you may have seen the recent media coverage of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge visiting India and particularly the Taj Mahal, one of the greatest dedications to love ever built.



I too was lucky enough to visit last November amidst the crowds also there that day.  It seems all visitors want to have their own ”Diana” photograph in that spot, but unlike Diana and, more recently, William and Kate, we all have to compete for space, as you will see from my photo here.  Please forgive my self-indulgence!


In my opinion, no photograph will ever do justice to the magnificence of the Taj Mahal, but, if you would like to see a better picture of the Taj Mahal, I have a better one to show you: please click here.   Its size is immense and its beauty ethereal.  It is this ethereal quality which, for me, focuses the attention on our own unique specialness, the light in our own hearts.  Many of us hide our real nature for many (and often sensible) reasons, but yoga can help us to cultivate a sense of true wellness, allow us to get to know ourselves better and provide us with choices, which can allow us to think, speak and act from the heart.


©  Sarah Swan  (May 2016)

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