renew and seize the moment – you too can practise yoga


Today, in the beautiful sunshine, spring is truly here.  From  the colour of the sky and the water, we might even think summer has arrived.  It is the budding of the trees and the cool  breeze that reminds us of the season.

Spring is a time of growth and renewal,  when the world comes alive again after the darkness and cold of the winter.  Perhaps, like me, you’ve also been making the most of the glorious day, outside enjoying fresh air, blowing away those cobwebs.  If you have, perhaps you too feel as if you have recharged your batteries and feel re-energised!

We can’t always enjoy such beautiful weather and an idyllic setting,  but, if you practise yoga, you will be continually  reminded of the joy of connecting with life in each and every moment.

Sometimes these moments are not always so joyous and we may wish ourselves elsewhere. Such is life.  But perhaps it is good to remember that this moment on our life is the present one and that we should make the most of it, whatever it may bring.   All things, good and bad, will pass.  It is how we live in the present that  makes us who we truly are. All unique, special and individual.

Why would we not therefore want to make the most of each and every moment? The joys and the sorrows are to be enjoyed and endured, but each moment is only truly ours.   Many of us know the saying “seize the day”. I would invite you to seize the moment.  Become aware of your breath and really connect with it. Watch the miracle that is your body as it breathes. Become aware that the mind slows down and quietens.  And, as you bring together your body and mind with your breath, be in that moment as you access the power of your intuition and subconscious mind.

This is the real power of yoga.  It’s not just the ability to move the body into postures and to stand on your head.  It’s about calming the thought waves in the mind.  The next time you think you are not flexible enough nor strong enough to practise yoga,  perhaps you may re-consider what yoga really is!



© Sarah Swan (25 March 2017)

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