slowing the pace of life


Another year comes and goes and we are still rushing around.

medium lotus

It seems to me the British weather is the typically unreliable from one spring to another, testament to my “yoga thoughts” last year…

medium lotus

The first day of the working week is nearly over. The British weather has played its usual tricks over the weekend, but this afternoon has been glorious and the week is set to improve. I imagine that, after the weekend, many of us are now busy galloping through life on this lovely spring evening.

medium lotus

Some of you may have heard of Osho, who was a controversial Indian mystic, guru and spiritual teacher.   I like the following words from him as they seem appropriate for such a lovely evening and hope you do too.

“Sitting silently, Doing nothing, Spring comes, And the grass grows By itself.”

medium lotus

Through yoga, we can slow down the pace of life, become aware and enjoy the moment and that’s what I will be encouraging my yogis to do at my weekly Thursday evening class.


©  Sarah Swan (April 2015)

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