stuck in the mud?

Do you ever feel that you are stuck in the mud?

Literally perhaps, with your boots caught up in the mud around you and not knowing which direction to go next as there’s so much muck and dirt around you.  You want to be stable, but the ground beneath you is wet and slippery and you don’t want to fall over?

Or, metaphorically speaking, there’s so much happening in your life, that you’re bogged down and, to mix up some more metaphors, you can’t see the wood for the trees?   You’re not sure what you’re going to do next and, even if you did, you’re even less sure that you have a way of deal with it?

It seems to me that life today is fast-paced with little time to stop and think and work out the next step.  If we stay on this trail and keep going, it’s probably inevitable that we get a little stuck from time to time.  Hopefully, we don’t get caught in mud that’s too deep for us to move out of, but a little space and time in our lives can often save us time in the long run.

Yoga can help us through out lives and it’s very good if we have a sticky situation as it teaches us to calm the body and the mind rather than letting us get carried away with our emotions.    It’s beneficial for the body as we can improve our physical wellbeing, our flexibility and our balance and it’s beneficial for our mind and our emotions as we can learn some flexibility in how to cope with the way our minds bend and shift, improve our mental balance and our concentration.  It can help with our energy levels, which is always useful in a tricky situation.

Yoga brings some peace and harmony to our lives and I like to think about it as an antidote to modern living.  We can’t always move away from that awkward place where we get stuck, but we can use the skills and the benefits that yoga teaches us to help work out a strategy for getting out of that mud!!

Next time you’re out for a walk and get your boots stuck in the mud or you’re caught up in a difficult situation that’s testing you a little too much, take a little time to assess where you are and how you’re feeling.  Pay attention to your breath and slow it down a bit. As you slow things down, you begin to see how you may take the next step without slipping and you realise that you have choices available to you.

I really do believe that everything you learn on a yoga mat can be taken and used in daily life,  As you start making connections between the two, you’ll realise that getting stuck in the mud is not such a big deal after all and that, deep down, you’ll be able to work out how to get yourself back onto solid ground.


© Sarah Swan (20 February 2017)

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