calm the body

calm the body

                                                 My lovely yoga cats, Mrs T and Mrs S, have been continuing their practice and Mrs T has allowed me to photograph her Sphinx posture especially for your delight. Mrs T starts her contemplation of her inner secrets in the age old pose of Sphinx (Bhujangasana 2)) with her head to the […]

cat yoga – Mrs T and the secret sphinx

“Dark yoga” I was intrigued to read an article in The Daily Telegraph at the end of January headline entitled, “Hot yoga, naked yoga, dog yoga – now switch on to dark yoga” which is apparently increasing in popularity in London as part of a wider trend for exercising in […]

“dark yoga” – yoga by candlelight

Yoga can help us relax both physically and mentally as we learn to release tension in our body and mind. Don’t get me wrong, some tension can be good for you: if there’s a lion chasing you down the street, it’s a good idea that you get a move on […]

releasing tension and relaxation

One of the other traditional things associated with this time of year is spring cleaning. You know the sort of thing: when we go for the “big” clean at home, move all the furniture, turn out cupboards, throw things away that we no longer need, etc, etc.  We clean up […]

yoga as spring cleaning