take your yoga outside


Coming home from holiday to find the sunshine is a novelty we don’t always enjoy in this country.  In fact, it’s fair to say that it’s currently hotter here than it was where I’ve been, sunny Funchal!    In coming back, like the rest of us, I’ve also had to deal with the post holiday clear up, catching up on the emails and all the other things that wasn’t done while we were away.  I imagine most of us will recognise that feeling!

As a yoga teacher, it’s important that I have my own practice.  Going to classes is always nice: an opportunity to benefit from another teacher’s knowledge, learn and share practice with other people, but having my own personal practice is important.  After all, how can I teach something if I don’t practise it myself?

So coming home with the holiday spirit in mind and wanting to feel grounded with a firm base to go out to teach this week, I’ve taken my own yoga practice outside this week.  It’s absolutely wonderful being outside, in the shade, finding whatever small breeze there is (today there has been some!).  And, whilst photo taking isn’t really part of practising yoga, I did take a couple of pictures in the hope of inspiring others.  If you have a home yoga practice – or even if you don’t, but are interested – a home practice is about turning up on your mat, being there in the moment and finding out what’s going on in your body and mind.  If you’re really present, something will happen.  You may want to stretch and move, you may way to strike a pose in some particular asana, or you may just want to be there, relax and breathe.  Just be.

If you spend a lot of time rushing around, are feeling stressed, worried and anxious, a few minutes out of your day returning to your body and your breath will help calm that often frantic mind.  When we’re rushing around, it’s easy to succumb to life’s stresses.

When I lay on my mat in the garden looking up at that blue sky, not only did it help bring me back to the real me, it also reminded me that we’re all connected, all part of a wonderful world.   Which means we can perhaps put all those stressy things back in the box for a while and, if we’re mindful enough, putting the lid on too, to bring us back to our calm and centred selves.

Sarah x


© Sarah Swan (27 June 2018)