“The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind” (Kahlil Gibran).

The following are the words of some Sarah’s yoga students and yoga therapy clients.

Yoga Therapy feedback

I had the most amazing journey with Sarah. Before I started yoga therapy, I literally had no idea how to relax….. Sarah listens, doesn’t judge, has a very calming voice, is excellent at giving ideas of what may work for you without overloading.”“As someone who internalises stress and has a few current health conditions due to it, I found these sessions extremely helpful. It gave me a place, all my own, without interruptions, in a safe and trusted environment where I could focus on my feelings in relation to my body.

Soarah has a very caring and understanding way. Through her patient way of listening to my needs, we have found the practices that personally work for me.

I found Sarah’s Yoga Therapy very helpful. Sarah listens to you and asks you want you want….. I’m looking for ‘peace of mind’ and Sarah has given me practical tools to achieve this.


Best start to a Saturday, have been feeling so relaxed all day!  Thank you.

Alix Horne, Henley on Thames:

Thank you so much, Sarah, for coming over this morning and giving me an introduction to Yoga.  I thoroughly enjoyed our session and can see how it can help calm down the mind and body in this mad world of ours.  I shall try the relaxing techniques if I can’t sleep tonight as well as making sure in future that I am more conscious of breathing and breath control in stressful situations.

Mrs A, Nirvana:

Sarah covered Wednesday’s yoga class; she gave a varied and considered class.  She gave alternatives and took account of the varied ability of the class.  I hope she will be asked to cover again.

Anne Clark, Director of HR, Horticultural Trades Association:

Sarah has been taking lunchtime yoga classes at the HTA for nearly two years and feedback has been very positive, with attendees looking forward to the regular sessions.  Sarah’s yoga classes allow our employees to counteract physical tension which inevitably arises from time spent sitting at desk, whilst allowing their minds to clear of any stress and mental tension.  Staff return to their jobs feeling refreshed and calm,  Being more relaxed, afternoon activity is more productive following yoga sessions, which allow staff to refocus and clear their minds for the tasks in hand.

Sarah’s yoga classes help the HTA with its duty of care towards contributing to the wellness of its employees (positively affecting their wellbeing both in and out of work); they also positively contribute to the organisation’s effectiveness as healthy and happy staff are more productive.  Sarah brings all equipment. Showers for staff are not required.  All we provide is an empty room.  Sarah is helpful and flexible in her approach and I have no hesitation in recommending yoga classes to other organisations.

Alexa Stillwell, HTA:

I had never tried yoga before as, to be honest, I thought it was a bit too “hippy” for me.  I tried it at work in our lunch time weekly classes that Sarah was running and have fallen in love with it!  It really helps to get away from your desk and clear your mind, as well as offer a gentle, but challenging workout.  I personally felt much more relaxed in the afternoons and more productive following yoga sessions and there is lots I have taken away from the classes to help me refocus and clear my mind for the tasks at hand, both in work and personally  Sarah is a wonderful teacher, who is patient and helped everyone in the class to work to their own pace and limitations, and I would highly recommend any business to offer a lunch time yoga session.

Jan & Keith, Twyford:

We have been practising yoga with Sarah since she started her Thursday evening class in Twyford.  Sarah is always very friendly and welcoming and creates a lovely calm candlelit atmosphere for her class.  Sarah’s classes are non-competitive, but also offer a level of self-challenge for those who want it.  We had no experience of yoga prior to joining the class, but Sarah nurtured us through the basics of Hatha yoga and we have now been attending regularly since 2015.  We can both now feel the benefits of Sarah’s teachings with regard to flexibility and we always leave her class feeing relaxed and revitalised.  Sarah offers advice on postures, but never criticises, and is always highly professional.  We would not hesitate to recommend her class.

Emily, HTA:

Sarah’s yoga classes have been incredibly beneficial to me at the HTA.  After a 45 minute lunch break session, I go back to my desk feeling refreshed, calm and relieved of any stress.  The classes build great strength and balance, both physically and mentally, and I really look forward to them each week.

Amanda, HTA:

Sarah’s yoga classes are a little bit of escapism in the day.  Despite being on my lunch hour at work and ever feeling busy and tense, Sarah’s direction gently guides me to a spiritual place.  Sarah specially prepares the yoga routines that I do so that they are beneficial to a work environment. They provide enough moves for me to stretch, relax and challenge the body and mind, before going back to my desk feeling refreshed and calm.

Joanna, Twyford:

Sarah’s Thursday evening yoga sessions are my ‘me’ time where I recharge my batteries ready for another manic week.  I come away chilled, grounded and refreshed.  Just wish they were longer and I could bring my duvet!

Maggie, Twyford:

It is a pleasure to learn and share the yogic experience with Sarah, a dedicated and inspirational Yoga Teacher.  She is a source of inspiration to me to return to the philosophy of physical and mental disciplines and I thank her for re-introducing me to the concept of spiritual enlightenment.  Namaste!