the flow of life


Autumn afternoon sunshine at the weir pool near my home! The water here always flows fast whatever the weather, which is rather like the flow of life. On a day such as this with brilliant sunshine, it is easy to feel the joy of life! 

As we all know, the day comes and goes, then the week, the month and the year.  Time can be relied to march on.    Our day may not always bring marvellous sunshine and warmth, but, whatever it brings, if we face the day with calm, balance and equanimity, the chances are we are more likely to learn the lessons that it brings us. 

Carpe diem!  Seize the day!   Yoga teaches us the calm and equanimity that allows us to learn to be in the present,  We can learn from the past, but it is just that, the past: it has gone and there is little to be gained from beating ourselves up over past mistakes.  The future is just that, the future.  Now is all we really have.  

Being in the present, truly being aware of what is happening around us, will allow us to be who we truly are, to make the best choices and to learn the lessons that life brings us.  With calm and balance, we may come to realise that it is not always what we want that is important, but what we need to learn from the flow of our life.


© Sarah Swan (October 2016)

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