the journey

I don’t know about you, but life is all so fast paced today and everyone seems to be in such a rush all the time. Not sure where we’re all going so quickly


The roads that we literally travel on every day are often jammed and this can make our daily lives longer, more complicated and stressful! It’s not often that we see normally busy roads completely empty and I took this particular photo in the middle of our village over the recent August bank holiday. On a daily basis, this road is always busy and only a few yards from the central crossroads, a well-known local traffic hotspot, which made this image so striking for me.

This also reminded me that sometimes life’s events make us stop and think. For some, it is often only when something significant happens that we have to slow down and take stock, whilst others may feel closer to the choices they are making on the journey through life. However we get to the various crossroads along our way, we may be faced with reconsidering where we are on the road of life, what is important to us and whether that particular road is the right one for us at this point in our life. Sometimes we choose to stay on the same road, although often we may take another turning.


Probably like most of us, I have been through various sets of crossroads on my journey and I am approaching another set of lights. I’m currently waiting for the red light to turn to amber and then green before I can head forward on the open road. I have a sense of where the road will take me, but am not sure what the scenery will look like.   My yoga has helped bring me to this point and will help me as I journey on. I am not just talking about yoga as physical practice, but also as a framework for living, which is, at its essence, what yoga is.


However we may choose to incorporate yoga into our lives, it is exactly like life: it is a journey, not a destination. It’s all about where we are today, right here, right now: how we feel in this particular moment. It’s about what happens along the way and how it changes you and moves you. Then we begin to realise, and connect with, what we already know deep within us, which can help us manage our busy lives and remember the intrinsic value of making the most of every moment.


© Sarah Swan (September 2016)

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