time to dream, time to remember and time to be


I share this with you as I rather liked it and it resonates with me.

The following words are from Gladys Taber (1899–1980), who apparently was an American author of 59 books and columnist for Ladies Home Journal and Family Circle.

We need time to dream,

time to remember

and time to reach the infinite.

Time to be.

Time is one thing that many of us never seem to have enough of as we hurry through our lives, rushing from one thing to another, sometimes without paying real attention to what we are doing and how we are feeling.

Our yoga practice constantly reminds us to pay attention, to our breath, to our bodies, to our minds and to what is really happening in our lives.  In paying attention to all of these, we can choose to become more present in the moment and perhaps value our time better, so that we can find those moments of peace we all need:

Time to dream, time to remember and time to be.


© Sarah Swan (November 2016)

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