Yoga promotes health and wellbeing in body, mind and spirit.

We are born with a body and a mind.   Yoga recognises they are inextricably linked, the one affecting the other.  Yoga is holistic and seeks to improve overall health and flexibility in body and mind in a balanced and harmonious way. The principle of non-harming (ahimsa) is central to yoga.  Let go of competitive thoughts and listen to your body to be safe and work within your own limits.  In this way, yoga can be for everyone.

Yoga helps you deal with the challenges and stresses of daily life.  You may be juggling – or struggling with – a busy life,  work pressures, family responsibilities and the demands of technology and social media vying for your attention.  If you are, why not find out how yoga can help bring some balance back into your life?

If you’re stressed or anxious, taking time out for YOU may seem like another pressure, yet another thing on the “to do” list!  But can you really afford NOT to take care of yourself?   Looking after your health and wellbeing is important, so don’t let stress take over!  Stress is one of the biggest causes of ill health.

Yoga can help you with your self-care as it supports the whole of you being – body, mind and spirit.    Yoga helps to ground, calm and relax you.  Combine this with increased self-awareness and you begin to open up new possibilities.

It might be a class or one-to-one that’s right for you or even some therapeutic yoga, depending on your needs.  To find out how yoga can help you, please get in touch with Sarah by email or call 07867 504539.

Yoga offers a mindful approach to wellbeing

Yoga brings many benefits contributing to improved overall physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing, helping you to release tension in the body and the mind, enabling you to de-stress and relax, which is vital for good health and wellbeing.

Yoga can help increase your energy levels and your flexibility both physically and mentally.  By restoring balance to your life, yoga can help you live in peace and harmony with everything around you.

Physical benefits

  • Yoga supports your physical wellbeing:
  • Yoga postures stretch, extend and flex the spine.
  • Muscles and joints are exercised, making them supple and stronger.
  • Postures, combined with the breath, stimulate the function of organs, digestive, endocrine and nervous systems.
  • As you move, stretch and open up the body and breathe, you learn to become more aware of how you are really feeling.

Mental and emotional benefits

  • Yoga teaches you to breathe well benefiting your physical, mental and emotional health.  Whilst everyone breathes, have you ever wondered how well you breathe?  Do you know how to use your breathing to support your wellbeing?
  • Changing your breathing can quietens the emotions, calms the mind and put you back into touch with your inner being at a deeper level, a great place from which to meditate.
  • You can learn to be more present or mindful, which helps you mentally and emotionally to deal with difficult, stressful and anxious situations in your life.


  • Better breathing encourages physical wellbeing whilst allowing you to become more self-aware and take back control of how you react to other people and situations in your life.  Yoga helps you to manage yourselves better in difficult, anxious and stressful situations which means you can improve the quality of your life.
  • If you  feel grounded and calm, you are likely to feel better able to deal with the challenges and problems you encounter in daily life from a growing place of balance and harmony.
  • Yoga can transform your life on many levels.   To start with, yoga offers you the opportunity to take some time out of your hectic life, to come into your body fully, focus on your breath, calm your mind and re-connect with the inner you.   To listen to your body and just be.  From that place, intuitive insights can be gained which can change your life.