what is yoga?

Yoga promotes health and wellbeing in body, mind and spirit.

We are all born with two things – our body and our mind.

Yoga recognises that both are inextricably linked, the one affecting the other.

What can yoga do for us?

  • Yoga contributes to our overall physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Yoga allows us to release tension in the body and the mind.
  • Yoga helps us to relax.
  • Yoga works to increase our energy levels.
  • Yoga works to increase our flexibility in body and mind.

Yoga as an antidote to modern life.

Many of us live fast paced, demanding lives, with challenging jobs and busy family responsibilities. To some degree or other, our lives are dominated by mobile phones and computers, the media and the internet.   Inevitably, perhaps, it means we have little time for ourselves and our wellbeing.

Different kinds of yoga

  • Hatha yoga is the most widely known and commonly practised form of yoga in the West and it works by using the body and the breath to release any tension we feel in body and mind and to calm the mind.
  • Raja yoga is meditation and also the name of Patanjali’sYoga Sutras.
  • Gnana yoga is the path of wisdom and knowledge.
  • Karma  is the yoga of service
  • Bhakti  is the yoga of devotion
  • Tantra is the path upon which the two opposites, Brahman and Atman, meet and become one.
  • Mantra uses sacred sounds to focus the mind and raise the energy
  • Kundalini yoga concentrates on the chakras, the awakening and union of the female and male energies,

All paths of yoga have the same goal: Samadhi, a state of inner bliss.  Yoga’s unique approach of using the body as our instrument allows us to access the depths of our body, mind and consciousness.