benefits of yoga


Yoga brings many benefits

  • Yoga helps us to create balance in our lives.
  • Yoga shows us ways to release the tensions we carry in our body and mind.
  • Yoga helps us live in peace and harmony with everything around us.

Physical benefits

  • Yoga contributes to our physical wellbeing:
  • Yoga postures stretch, extend and flex the spine.
  • Muscles and joints are exercised, making them supple and stronger.
  • Postures, combined with the breath, stimulate the function of organs, digestive, endocrine and nervous systems.
  • As we move, stretch and open up the body and, by using the breath, we learn to become more aware of how we are really feeling.

Improved breathing brings mental and emotional benefits

  • Yoga teaches us to breathe well benefiting our physical, mental and emotional health. We all breathe automatically, but how well do we breathe?
  • Breath control quietens the emotions, calms the mind and brings us back into touch with ourselves at a deeper level, a great place from which to meditate.
  • We learn to be more present or mindful, which helps us mentally and emotionally to deal with difficult, stressful and anxious situations in our life.

Yoga can transform our lives

  • Better breathing encourages physical wellbeing and it also allows us to become more self-aware and take back control of how we react to other people and situations in our life. By changing our breathing, we can become better able to manage ourselves in difficult, anxious and stressful situations and this can improve the quality of our lives.
  • Yoga can transform our lives on many levels, but, at the very least, practising yoga gives us an opportunity to take time out of our hectic lives, to stretch and open up the body and to focus on ourselves with no distraction, a rare opportunity for some these days.
  • If we are well in body and mind, we deal better with the challenges and problems we encounter in daily life. And from a growing place of balance and harmony, we begin to realise that we all have within us what we need to take us forward on our life’s journey.