yoga by candlelight

My Thursday evening class has started again after the summer holidays and, as the nights are drawing in, I’ve had my candles out again so that the light for our practice is soft and conducive to a relaxing practice rather than have the harsh glare of overhead lights!

It’s nearly two years now since I wrote about candlelit yoga after I had seen an article in The Telegraph entitled Dark Yoga !     Back then, I was already taking my candles to class for a soothing and relaxing practice. and it was clear that I wasn’t the only one who has concluded practising yoga in a candlelit, secure space is wonderful for its calming and focusing properties.  Like in life, the flickering of a candle can provide flickering glimpses of our own inner self and the potential we can bring to our lives if we only allow ourselves to find them.

Nothing has changed my mind about this, so, if you’re in Twyford on a Thursday evening and you like the idea of yoga in the candlelight to access your own inner peace and calm, do come along and join me.

May your yoga practice bring you stillness, balance and harmony which you incorporate into your daily life.



© Sarah Swan (9 September 2017)