deep relaxation via Zoom


Yoga deep relaxation (yoga nidra) 

Experience an hour of deep guided yoga relaxation in the comfort of your own home via Zoom.  This form of classical yoga nidra is often called psychic sleep as it releases stress and tension at a very deep level leaving you feeling rested and peaceful.   When practised regularly, deep relaxation is reported to help reduce stress and anxiety, restore energy levels and promote better sleep,  leaving you more able to cope with the challenges of daily life.    

Your physical and mental health are inextricably linked. When your stress levels increase, your wellbeing is affected which can make it hard to switch off, relax and sleep.   Deep relaxation is a holistic practice supporting the whole of your wellbeing.   Deep relaxation helps release physical and muscular tensions in your body, calms constant mental activity and unwinds emotional tensions, bringing you to a place of calm and equilibrium.

Relaxation is best experienced lying down.  Traditionally, you lie comfortably on a mat on the floor, but you can equally well benefit by lying on your bed or sofa or rest in a comfortable armchair.  You may like to have some pillows, cushions or blankets to hand to keep you warm and comfortable.

This relaxation is via Zoom and you can access this via your phone or computer.   There is nothing to see, so you just lie back, close your eyes and listen.

The next sessions are scheduled for the autumn, so, to reserve your space, please email and specify which date(s) you want to book for yoga relaxation on:

  • Monday, 16 September, 7-8 pm
  • Monday, 28 October, 7-8 pm
  • Monday, 25 November, 7-8 pm

Cost is £10 per session. 

Alternatively, please contact Sarah to arrange your own relaxation session at a time to suit you: email: 


*  Disclaimer

Whatever yoga practice you undertake, please be aware the most important thing for you is to listen to your body and work within your physical and mental limits.  If you have any health issues (and many of us do), this is particularly important.  Be mindful of how you are feeling and only do what feels right for you.

Please note that your participation at this, any class, therapeutic session or event is entirely at your own risk.  Please be mindful of any health issues or disabilities that you may have and ensure that you take these into consideration before you participate to ensure your safety and wellbeing.