yoga in the Madeira sun


I’m just back from another visit to Madeira, again teaching yoga on this wonderful island.  Here I am preparing for a class.  Yes, I realise I’m really fortunate to have spent a relaxing time on a beautiful island in warm, sunny weather, especially when the English weather has taken a nose dive (well, it is November).  If you’re not sure what I mean, think a really good English summer (about 24 degrees centigrade), blue sky, sunshine, wonderful flowers and warm, friendly people, and you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about!

If you regularly read my posts, you’ll know I taught yoga there earlier in the summer.  To be honest, the weather was more or less as good in November as it was in June.  A good advert for Madeira, if you ever think of going!

While I was there, I met up with my lovely friends in the Spa at the Cliff Bay Hotel as we’d arranged for me to do a morning yoga class by the sea for fellow guests.  A dozen lovely people joined me down by the pool before breakfast to start the day with some gentle yoga by the sea – to blow away the cobwebs, open up the body and awaken the mind.


It’s such a lovely place to practise yoga and it gives me much pleasure to share the gifts of yoga with other people.  My thanks go to those who came along and, on this occasion, the early morning yogis came from the UK, Germany, France, Russia and Madeira.  I’d also like to thank Lina and her team at the Cliff Bay for making this possible for us all.


I love teaching yoga and to be able to do so outside is a real treat.  I hope those who came along enjoyed the experience and, from a conversation afterwards, I know one lady left feeling very enthused.  I hope she found a great teacher when she got home.


© Sarah Swan (November 2016)

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