yoga in the workplace

While the current crisis precludes physical contact, Sarah is still able to offer you the benefits yoga can bring at a time when arguably yoga has never been needed more. Sarah’s approach is client-centred, kind, professional and flexible, so she is currently working with clients online.

Yoga for YOUR business

  • Yoga classes in a company environment.
  • A wellbeing solution tailored to you and your staff.
  • Contact Sarah to discuss your requirements by email or call 07867 504539.

Why should an employer provide or sponsor yoga in the workplace?

  • Many employers realise their most expensive costs are the salaries they pay their staff.
  • Looking after staff is important.
  • The relatively small, effective cost of providing a yoga class for staff will bring a host of benefits.
  • Alternatively, employers can look to sponsor a class subsidising the cost with employees to provide a win-win situation for all.
  • If the health of staff improves, attendance and focus at work will improve.
  • If staff are healthier and happier, they are more likely to be more proactive and contribute on a positive basis .
  • Yoga brings more awareness to how we are feeling, enabling us to notice what is really happening in our bodies and the implications of how we are behaving in our lives, in all situations.
  • If our awareness improves and we are more connected to our bodies and what is going on in our minds, we are more likely to be better functioning individuals in all aspects of our lives, including work.

Reasons why yoga classes may be right for YOUR organisation

  • Yoga is an antidote to the stresses of modern, 24 hour living and ever present technology.
  • Yoga is proven to help alleviate symptoms of stress and to help us avoid being caught up in the chitter chatter and the dramas that our minds create.
  • Yoga can help staff deal with challenging situations, both at work and outside.
  • Yoga improves staff wellbeing, morale & motivation.
  • Yoga creates balance and equanimity, promoting peace and harmony.
  • Yoga promotes overall physical good health, stability, energy, flexibility and relaxation.
  • Yoga counteracts the physical effects of spending hours sitting at a desk in front of a computer or behind the wheel of a car.
  • Yoga opens up our joints, stretches our muscles and allows us to breathe better, thus promoting physical and mental good health and wellbeing.
  • Yoga also aids concentration, balance and tranquillity in the mind.
  • Yoga increases our inner awareness and lead to greater emotional and spiritual freedom, in all aspects of our lives, including work.

What an employer and employee says about yoga in the workplace?

Please look at the testimonial page, for employer and employee feedback.